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Leicester Comedy Festival 2019

This year I'm making my debut to the Leicester Comedy Festival, and what a debut! It's very exciting as I've wanted to perform there since I started performing comedy and I can't wait to bring my full length debut Hurst Schmurst along with a reenactment of

the Big Lebowski during a live screening, a kids comedy laser tag show and an Art Gallery Tour by comedians for visitors.

If you're reading this and you're from any publicity organisation, I've attached my PR below with more details. If you're not, it's still there if you want it, but you should really have a good hard look at yourself.

Leicester Comedy Festival

Press Release PDF

hurst schmurst.jpg

Hurst Schmurst

19th February


The Criterion Free house, LE1 5JN

Tickets £5/ Pay What You Want


Cinema Para Discount & Edy Hurst Present:

The Big Lebowski

9th February

Attenborough Arts Centre


Megazone Presents: Comedy tag - Kids show 

19th February

Megazone Leicester

Tickets £12

Comedy Art Gallery Tour

22nd February

Attenborough Arts Centre


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